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#forestersexplore Exploring Our Forest

Exploring Our Forest

Explore our Forest above and below ground, whether virtually through the internet, through improved access for all abilities at key sites or using new technologies such as mobile phone apps.

Explore virtually or physically, the choice is yours!

Through six projects we will help local people, as well as visitors to the Forest, explore the Forest’s heritage physically and virtually. The Hidden Heritage apps are a modern way of helping people to visit and make their way through the Forest and discover views, scenes or facts about the Forest that they did not know. To help people explore the Foresters’ Forest further we have created an on-line map on this website, see below, to showcase the great heritage locations you can visit.

Get involved:

“We aim to secure the knowledge we reveal through this theme so that we can use it to share, inspire and enlighten our neighbours, our children and visitors to our Forest, making this knowledge accessible to all.”

Exploring Our Forest - What's going on

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Exploring Our Forest Projects

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If you go down to the woods today...

You might be surprised what you find!
From creating habitats for our wildlife or improving our waterways, to recording oral histories or finding old photos, there’s always something going on to get involved in!