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Exploring Our Forest Bream Heritage Walk

Bream Heritage Walk

There are many heritage sites in the village of Bream and surrounding area resulting from iron and coal mining activities. This walk is designed to highlight the heritage of the area using public footpaths, pavements, quiet roads and Forestry England land. 

The route covers about eight miles and is designed to be walked all at once or can easily be walked in sections. Points of interest have been identified by 'way-marker' signs that tie in with a printed or downloadable booklet supplemented by audio downloads: 

Please see Bream Heritage Walk website to obtain the walk material and enjoy exploring the area!

What will the project deliver?

The walk benefits three villages (Bream, Whitecroft and Brockhollands) and has been designed to easily connect to the further villages (Pillowell, Parkend and Sling) to enable the route to be extended to more villages.

Residents and visitors are able to easily access local heritage sites and find out about them. This will lead to them having a greater knowledge of their immediate area and be able to identify with its heritage.

What can I get involved in?

You can volunteer to help maintain the walk, but now that it has been competed simply go and explore what it has to offer!

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