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Worcester Walk Community Project



The Worcester Walk Community project is about encouraging local people to learn more about their natural and cultural heritage. The site will be managed to enhance habitat for a number of species, including for example, the creation of a shallow pond. Part of the site will become an orchard, with the planting of heritage trees in a selected area. Both of the fields closest to the Worcester Lodge buildings could be managed to become a wildflower meadow, working with the Dean Meadows group project. Some parts of the site could be used to run small training courses in e.g. hedge laying or dry stone walling. Information about the history of the site with regard to its evolution as a Forest lodge and the use of the area in World War Two for the American and British ammunitions camp and overflow for German prisoners of war camp could be researched and summarised as part of the interpretation for the programme.

What will the project deliver?

The project plans to deliver:

• Heritage orchard

• Creation of a shallow pond - created August 2020. Note: The pond is clay-lined and is gradually filling naturally with rainwater. It will take a while for the ground to recover from the works.

• Fencing to prevent boar access to the wildflower meadow and orchard

• Training course delivery (e.g. hedge-laying and dry stone walling)

• Local school visits to explore the natural heritage of the site and understand its history

What can I get involved in?

Local volunteers are needed to help run the various elements of the project and look after the Worcester Walk Community Project in the future. A recent activity involved a community litter pick, carried out by volunteers and this is just one element of trying to improve the area for local residents.



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