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Scarr Bandstand


There has been a bandstand in Sling, on land once owned by and part of Scarr Farm, for over 100 years. It was mainly used by local colliery brass & silver bands until the 1980s, since when the area has become disused & near-derelict. The Friends of Scarr Bandstand Group has been formed and the bandstand has been re-pointed and cleaned, and encroaching vegetation removed.

This project provided the support to make the area suitable for use by landscaping and treatments for improving the ground, protecting the site from boar, and helping to establish a series of events.

Our celebratory film tells the Scarr Bandstand story:

What has the project delivered?

The project helped to create a stronger sense of community, and gave young up-and-coming artists somewhere to showcase their talent.

The Bandstand is now established as a local centre for cultural activities. The project also rekindled people’s memories of the bandstand concerts, and re-connected local residents with their links with mining and brass bands.

What can I get involved in?

Friends of Scarr Bandstand hold a series of concerts each summer at Scarr Bandstand; they always prove very popular! They continue to welcome volunteers to help out at these events, or you can just come along and enjoy the atmosphere!

See the Scarr Bandstand website

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