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Our Stronghold for Nature Deans Marvellous Meadows

Deans Marvellous Meadows

It is estimated that we have lost over 97% of our wildflower meadows in recent times. The remaining meadows are often small and isolated, making it hard for species to thrive and to colonise new sites.

With this project the Dean Meadows Group work with landowners and communities to advise how best to manage and enhance their wildflower areas.

What does the project deliver?

This project continues to work with landowners and communities to advise on how best to manage and enhance their wildflower areas and to provide advice on how to upgrade their knowledge and skills in subjects such as cutting and grazing regimes, scrub and bracken control, suitability of livestock etc.

The project includes a small capital works fund which will be accessible to meadows owners to enable better, more sustainable management of their meadow.

The project will also put landowners in touch with each other, creating opportunities for greater community cohesion and the sharing of skills, knowledge and practical help.

How can I get involved?

Dean Meadows Group are looking to train landowners and volunteers in meadow management. They also continue to arrange guided walks and events to help people learn about meadows.

Click here to go to the Dean Meadows Group website. 

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