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News Tune in to hear ‘Voices from the Forest’

Tune in to hear ‘Voices from the Forest’

These are the stories of people who have lived and worked in the Forest of Dean. Ordinary people in extraordinary times, told in their own words.
Voices from the Forest - new podcast series 
Over the last five years the ‘Voices from the Forest’ team have been collecting precious oral histories to share with us all, brought together in a series of podcasts.
The project has uncovered some moving, and sometimes amusing stories about how people made a living and made ends meet.  Memories are not always reliable but they are indicators of the significance of events that resonate years later.  
The Voices from the Forest team interviewed over 50 people who lived through the tumultuous period between World War Two and the end of the century, when the collieries closed and post-war prosperity flourished. Their stories recount how the landscape changed and land-based jobs were replaced by work in bright new factories - many of which were themselves destined to close by the turn of the present century. 
Historian and co-director of the project Roger Deeks says:
‘This is the story of ordinary people and how they remember work and life in the Forest. There are some great stories about the Forest and the resilience of its people through times of economic uncertainty and great change’.
Jason Griffiths, co-director and technical brains behind the recording project comments:
‘We are very grateful for the time and support of so many participants and volunteers who with us have created an important archive of material for future generations.’ 
How to listen
If you are new to podcasts they are simple to listen to.  Follow this website link and simply click the play button: 
On Monday 1st February 2021, Voices from the Forest will be publishing the first full podcast "Got any Gum Chum",  about World War Two and its legacy in the Forest of Dean, taking you on a journey of recollections from around the Forest in the War years…
Voices from the Forest is a University of Gloucestershire project that researches the Forest of Dean’s rich heritage through oral histories and is part of the Foresters' Forest National Lottery Heritage funded programme.  
Jason and Roger have also produced another series of podcasts for Reading the Forest about the literary heritage of the Forest. See: ‘Stories behind the Stories’