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News Our film: Connecting people to nature

Our film: Connecting people to nature

We were delighted to take part once again the Wye Valley River Festival, that took place 21st -27th of September 2020.  This year’s festival gave us the wonderful opportunity to commission a feature film! 
‘Connecting People to Nature’ was premiered on the first day of the festival and explores how our Foresters’ Forest biodiversity projects have made a real difference to local wildlife, and our sense of wellbeing, in the Forest of Dean.
This short 5-minute film shares engaging insights: from how we monitor adders living within the Forest, to creating improved landscapes for Forest birds and butterflies - and we learn how Herdwick sheep are now supporting our Forest conservation.  We hear this from our project leaders David Dewsbury (Reptiles & Ponds), Kate Wollen (Butterflies & Ponds, Forestry England), Emily Bennett (Birds, RSPB) and Kate Batt, local sheep grazier. Their enthusiasm for the Forest and its wildlife is inspiring!
After the film aired, three of our project leaders, David Dewsbury, Kate Wollen and Rosie Kelsall (Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust), ably facilitated by our Programme Chair and local Councillor Chris McFarling, took part in a live online discussion about ‘Why is it important to connect people to nature and how can we achieve greater connection in the future?’
We had fun filming, and our thanks go to Wye Valley River Festival’s fantastic filmmaker Camilla Adams.
This year’s Wye Valley River Festival was one that we had to experience mainly online, ‘from a distance’ in the safety of our own homes, due to Covid-19 restrictions.  However, we hope the festival inspired everyone to appreciate the joy of our natural landscape, encouraging us to explore its natural treasures even more!
Once you have watched our film – do let us know why you think it is important to connect with nature? Email your thoughts to
‘Connecting People to Nature’: