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News Blue & Green Plaques - the voting results!

Blue & Green Plaques - the voting results!

Our online public vote closed on 31st July 2020 and we are delighted to reveal the 10 historic figures who will be remembered with a Blue or Green Plaque, displayed within the Forest of Dean!

A total of 396 people voted to decide which 10 historic Forest heroes should be commemorated in this way. These individuals represent significant and wide-ranging aspects of the Forest’s cultural history.

Blue Plaques:

  • Dennis Potter (1935 - 1994) 'Dramatist for some of the most popular plays in TV history'
  • Dame Muriel Powell (1914-1978) ‘A British nurse ahead of her time’
  • FW Harvey (1988-1957) 'Innovative poet and broadcaster'
  • David & Robert Mushet (1847-1891) ‘The men of iron and steel’
  • James Horlick (1844-1921) and William Horlick (1846-1936) 'Inventors of baby food and malted drink'  

Green Plaques:

  • Warren James (1792-1841) ‘Freeminer and champion of Forest customs’
  • David Richard Organ (1876-1954) ‘Miner who fought for rights’
  • Dr ML Bangara (1881-1927)  ‘Well-loved community doctor’
  • Sir Francis Brain (1855-1921) 'Pioneer of electricity in coal mining'
  • Timothy Mountjoy (1824-1896)  'Pioneer of trade union for miners'       

The plaques will be produced locally and installed within the Forest of Dean over the next few months.