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Vote for your historic Forest heroes!

The Forest of Dean has many people that have played a huge part in our history and we are looking to recognise some of these local figures with a blue or green plaque

We need your votes - between now and the end of July!

Who do you think should be remembered with a special plaque, displayed within the Forest of Dean?

Foresters’ Forest previously requested public nominations for individuals who should be proudly remembered and celebrated in this way within the Forest and 18 plaque ‘nominees’ have been shortlisted.  The five people who receive the most votes in the Blue category will receive a Blue plaque and the five who receive the most votes in the Green category will receive a Green plaque.

  • A Blue Plaque is a permanent sign installed in a public place to commemorate a link between that location and a nationally famous person or event. 
  • A Green Plaque is very similar but it commemorates a link between that location and a person famous within the Forest (but not nationally well known).
The plaque nominees cover significant and wide-ranging aspects of the Forest’s cultural history. 
Examples in the Blue Plaque category: 
  • David & Robert Mushet (1847-1891) ‘The men of iron and steel’ 
  • Dame Muriel Powell (1914-1978) ‘A British nurse ahead of her time’  
  • Dennis Potter (1935-1994) 'Dramatist for some of the most popular plays in TV history'

In the Green Plaque category we see: 
  • Dr ML Bangara (1881-1927)  ‘Well-loved community doctor’, 
  • David Richard Organ (1876-1954) ‘Miner who fought for rights’  
  • Caroline, Countess of Dunraven (1790-1870) 'Benefactor of Clearwell'


We also have local ‘Champions’ who are supporting each nominee! To find out what they say and for stories about each nominee read: Blue & Green Plaque Scheme 

Vote for your favourites here: Blue & Green Plaque Vote Form   

You can also send your votes by email to with your chosen blue plaque and green plaque recipients (five votes for each category).