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News Be part of ‘100 Forest Faces’!

Be part of ‘100 Forest Faces’!

The Forest of Dean is unique and irreplaceable. So are the people who live within it. 

Foresters’ Forest celebrates what makes the Forest and its people so special, through our community and the natural, cultural and built heritage we share. 

Our ‘Community Celebration’ project partner Wyldwood Arts invites you to submit a photo portrait of yourself, or a member of your household, that shows what makes the Forest special to you!

At this difficult time, we cannot get out and about to all our favourite places, but you can be creative in capturing a portrait in the place that you feel ‘at home’ within the Forest.  This may be in your home, garden, or out during your daily exercise. Think about the story your photo will tell; this may be through something you hold or through the background you choose to include. 

  • There are very few images rules - any size, crop ratio and colour format accepted… just make sure the image is as high quality at possible! 
  • Please write approximately 100 words to accompany your photo, describing what is special to you about this unique Forest that you call ‘home’. Please also include a title for the image and the subject(s) and photographer name(s). 

Please send your photo and words to or through the Wyldwood social media pages below by using the hashtag #100forestfaces

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Please note: By submitting an image to this project, you agree that the subject of the image has given permission for their image to be shared by Wyldwood Arts and Foresters’ Forest as part of this 100 Forest Faces project.

This project is in partnership with Foresters' Forest, celebrating our Forest and the wonderful community that lives within it.