Oral Histories

We are at a time when those who remember the forest, a changing forest, have important stories to tell. It is vitally important to collect those stories in the form that they are expressed, as oral accounts based on individual, unique recollections. This project will collect some of the oral histories of Foresters, and those who came and went from the Forest, to add to our collective knowledge of our heritage.  The memories of participants will be recorded, capturing the essence of what it was like to live and work in the forest settlements and industries through the last century. This project is a partnership with the University of Gloucestershire.

How to Get Involved:


  • To be involved in the identification of priorities and individuals for recording in the delivery phase
  • To volunteer to be introduced to the methodology behind oral history and recording oral history during the delivery phase
  • For members or associates of Freeminers and Commoners to be involved in the recording of 6 in-depth interviews recorded with Freeminers and Commoners.

If you would like to get involved in this project, please contact

Forest Voluntary Action Forum tel:  01594 822073  email: forestersforest@fvaf.org.uk

Before November 2016 this project will:

  • Record a series of ‘priority’, specialist, oral histories
  • Establish a methodology for specialist oral history recording in the Forest of Dean  for use during the delivery Phase
  • Explore opportunities to utilize oral history recordings
  • To draw on the technical expertise of University of Gloucestershire on oral history and recording technology

Between 2017 - 2022 the project will:

  • Identify  further members of the community with memories and stories to contribute
  • Record further oral histories
  • Ensure the recordings are catalogued and stored in a publicly accessible archive
  • Train volunteers in recording oral history
  • Hold an Oral History Day in conjunction with other Forest groups

Project lead:

Roger Deeks  tel: 07708 858274  email: roger.nedstop@btinternet.com


Oral Histories