Veteran Trees

The woodlands, forests and hedgerows of the Forest of Dean hold many precious records of their history and heritage. One such group of living monuments are the veteran trees of the forest, the remnants of ancient groves and woodlands. This project will work with the local community to identify, record and conserve the veteran trees and related archaeological features of the Forest, to enhance the records and management of these trees and use them to help the community understand their heritage.

How to Get Involved:


  • Take part in workshops to learn about ancient and veteran trees and notable trees and how to identify them.
  • Learn how to identify archaeological features in the forest and how they relate to the trees.
  • Go out into the Forest  and take part in surveys to record the information about trees in your area

If you would like to get involved in this project, please contact

Forest Voluntary Action Forum tel:  01594 822073  email:

Before November 2016 this project will:

  • Trial methods to train and involve volunteers to identify candidate trees and to gather information about them .
  • Survey veteran trees in the public forest estate
  • Identify potential ancient trees,  make recommendations and prioritise  future management for the trees
  • Encourage individuals or communities to adopt notable  tree /trees, acting as guardians.
  • To raise awareness of the importance and  role that the trees play in and around the Forest

Between 2017 - 2022 the project will:

  • Roll out the detailed volunteer surveys to more areas

Project lead:

Paul Rutter -  tel: 01989 750869 email:

Dr Andrew Hoaen - tel: 01905 423357 email:


Veteran Trees