The landscape of the Forest is diverse, being very much shaped by its industrial and cultural past. This diversity is matched by an impressive assemblage of birds exploiting not only the forest and its open habitats but also the wetlands and rivers of the Dean. The objective of this project is, through the efforts of  skilled volunteers, to map the distribution and abundance of bird species across the Forest of Dean. This data, together with a range of other biodiversity data, will be used to map the most important sites for biodiversity to form the basis of an ‘ecological network’ across the Dean.

How to Get Involved:


  • Undertake bird surveys across the Dean and plan practical habitat management

If you would like to get involved in this project, please contact

Forest Voluntary Action Forum tel:  01594 822073  email:

Before November 2016 this project will:

  • Carry out two breeding season and  one winter survey of 1 km squares covering the target area.

Between 2017 - 2022 the project will:

  • Be involved in the implementation of the ecological network
  • Undertake practical woodland and open habitat management for the benefit of birds in the Dean

Project lead:

Phil Sheldrake  -  tel: 01722 421973 email: