Musical Landscape

The Forest of Dean has a rich and varied musical heritage, producing  notable musicians and composers such as Herbert Howells. It also has a long tradition of local participation in music through brass bands and choirs. The brass band tradition is particularly strong and thriving and this project will encourage and help people of all ages to engage with these musical traditions and join in with them.

How to Get Involved:


There will be many opportunities to get involved with this project, whether you can play an instrument or sing, can’t sing a note but are good at organising, or just like listening to good music! You could….

  • Learn to play a brass instrument or participate in a choir!
  • Support the archiving project by taking photos or helping find and sort records
  • Help to plan and manage the concerts

If you would like to take part in this project as a volunteer, please contact

Forest Voluntary Action Forum  tel:  01594 822073 email:

Project aims:

Before November 2016 this project will:

  • Commission a concert that celebrates the brass band and choral traditions and their connection to the landscape
  • Investigate how the architectural heritage of the brass band tradition can be supported
  • Research the best way the photographic and documented heritage of the brass bands can be preserved and made accessible
  • Develop a pilot project for the above centred on Parkend/ Forest of Dean Brass
  • Present a brief history of brass bands in the Forest to the Local History Society

From 2017-2022 the project will:

  • Commission a piece of music that celebrates the Forest landscape and its traditions
  • Plan and deliver a range of outside band performances using natural spaces and bandstands 
  • Extend the pilot photographic and document archiving project to other bands
  • Promote publications about the musical traditions of the Forest of Dean
  • Support the growth of bands, choirs and other forms of music in the Forest of Dean

Project leads:

Sharon Stratford tel : 01594 564920 email:

Roger Deeks  tel : 07708858274  email:

Tweets: @forestmusicallandscape


Musical Landscape