MindSCAPE seeks to enable reconnection with the landscape by people living with dementia or in the early stages of memory loss, through a wide variety of activities including arts, woodland and craft activities. The project aims to share skills and build the confidence of carers to continue to provide mindSCAPE activities for the person or people they care for.

The aim is to adapt the existing mindSCAPE project, currently run for those still living independently in the community, for delivery in a residential care setting, in order to reach those unable to attend the existing project. The legacy of the project will be through enabling carers and care homes to undertake mindSCAPE activities, through training and easy to follow step-by-step guides.

Participants will be able to reconnect with the landscape of the Forest of Dean through mindSCAPE activities and the gathering of stories and memories of life in the forest.

How to Get Involved:


The project will work with a number of care homes in the Forest of Dean, delivering mindSCAPE sessions and providing support and easy to follow activities for continued use. Interested care homes will be sought during the first half of 2016.

If you would like to get involved in this project, please contact

Hannah Elton-Wall, Artspace Cinderford  tel:  01594 825111 ext 4 email: hannah@artspacecinderford.org

Before November 2016 this project aims to:

  • Gain buy in from new project partners and establish new partnerships and venues
  • Plan the programme of workshop activities that help participants engage with and learn about the natural environment
  • Plan the documentation of forest memories and stories
  • Liaise with potential exhibition venues
  • Work with other HLF project partners, such as Gloucestershire University, to maximise project impact
  • Develop the production plan for the carer product guide
    • Consultation with carers
    • Produce lay-out and structure of guide
    • Liaise with artists / illustrators / photographers who will produce step by step activities

From 2017-2022 the project will:

  • Deliver mindSCAPE activities in residential care homes, working with carers - both family and professional
  • Document ‘memories’ of the landscape, history, heritage of the Forest of Dean
  • Exhibit and share learning with the wider public
  • Produce finished guide for carers

Project leads:

Nick Critchley, Wye Valley AONB  tel : 01600 710841  email:  development@wyevalleyaonb.org.uk