Get Involved

“This is our place – the Foresters’ Forest- the Forest of Dean”

Would you like to get involved? To work with new people, learn new skills, find out more about the area you live in?

The 50 projects within the Foresters’ Forest programme offer all kinds of opportunities for you to come and help as a volunteer.  Some examples of the sort of things you could do are :

  • Learn how to take part in surveys in your local area looking at veteran and ancient trees, or ponds
  • Work with archaeologists to uncover the secrets hidden within the Forest
  • Learn about Forest authors and help build a catalogue of their work
  • Help young people learn about and enjoy the Forest
  • Take photographs
  • Help clear paths, remove scrub or pick up litter to make the Forest a better place to live
  • Share your knowledge of the Forest or your family’s history

There are opportunities for everyone to take part, so if you are interested, please fill in the contact form  or contact

Volunteer Coordinator:

Deb Cook tel: 01594 822073 email:

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