Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

    Cookies are small pieces of information which are downloaded and stored as “text files” on your computer when you visit a website for the first time.  When you visit the website again, information held in the relevant cookie on your computer (relating to the specific website) is then passed back to the website which then knows that you have visited before.

    Some Cookies can be more sophisticated and store information on pages visited, time spent on a particular page or links that you have clicked on.  Shopping sites also use Cookies to track what you have put in your “Shopping Cart”, provide you with specific advertising or offers based upon page content that you are interested in.

    In collecting Cookies, websites can make your interaction with them much smoother without needing you to do anything.

What information does this website collect about me?

    Cookies that we use collect information relating to pages visited, time spent on pages and Internal / External links clicked upon.

What is “Embedded” or “External” content?

    This website also uses “Embedded Content”, which is content that is managed by an external website but is displayed on this website. Embedded Content includes (but may not be limited to):

    • Foresters’ Forest “Events” page - which includes Google content
    • Foresters’ Forest  “Get Involved” page - which includes Facebook content


    Please Note that we are not responsible for Cookies collected by “Embedded Content” and External websites, which include (but may not be limited to):

    • Community Interest Group websites
    • Volunteer Groups websites
    • Social Media websites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube etc.

What do you use this information for?

    We use information collected by Cookies on the Foresters’ Forest website to identify pages, content and / or links that you visit, to enable us to continue to improve the website structure, pages and content to enhance your user experience.

What if I don’t want you to collect this information?

    If you prefer for Cookies not to be stored on your computer this can be changed in your Internet Browser settings, which can normally be found in your browsers “Tools”, “Settings” or “Internet Options” menus under the subheading of “Privacy” or “Cookies”.  Any Cookies  collected to-date can also be cleared in these menus.


The Foresters’ Forest website uses Cookies to ensure you have the best experience.

If you continue to use this website without changing your Internet Browser settings to prevent the use of Cookies,  we will assume that you are happy to use Cookies on the Foresters’ Forest website.

If you change your mind later on, your Internet Browser settings can be changed at any time.

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